Call plumbing Kiev price

The price list offered by us will help you to get acquainted with our prices for services and, if necessary, to calculate the cost of work as accurately as possible.

Our work has such specificity that it is very difficult just to evaluate the work according to the price, because there are many nuances in the work. Therefore, having calculated the approximate cost of services, it is certainly better to get a specialist consultation with a site visit to agree on the cost and scope of work.

Because with this approach, many customers begin to doubt and get lost for a while. Therefore, we decided to provide you with a slightly improved price list:

You can find the price for the installation or removal of specific equipment.
Made a breakdown according to the specifications, according to the description of the size.
Since all these factors affect the complexity and, accordingly, the cost of work, so you can make miscalculations by 90%, without leaving the master at home.