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Apartment renovation is a considerable financial investment, therefore, requires a competent approach, and reasonable decisions, both in the rational use of the useful area, so aesthetic interior. Affordable apartment will emphasize the individuality of its owner. Qualitatively executed repair, thoughtfulness in every detail will give you satisfaction and peace. All these questions are difficult to solve independently, they have not had enough experience in this sphere, so trust your professionalism. We know how to get an impeccable result by spending a minimum of materials and time, so making repairs with us is more economical for you.

Preparation for apartment renovation.

            Before advancing to the work, our experts realize the essence of the wishes of the client. We compile the estimate, the schedule of the planned works and the contract. The estimate is based on the volume of work, this document, which evaluates the cost of repairs, containing a list of works and their volumes, which must be performed on the terms of the project documentation. Step by step, or by agreement, we prepare reports on completed work, where we specify the types of work performed with the amount of materials spent.

            Our goal is to achieve optimal results with minimal waste. We want your money investments to be justified, the tasks have been solved, and satisfaction from cooperation has been received.

Repair of apartments under the key Kiev 

Repair in the apartment - this, of course, a whole kaleidoscope of pleasant moments of choice of the future interior. This is a selection of furniture and floor coverings, replacement of windows and doors, decoration of walls with wallpaper, decorative plaster or paint. Repair is the choice of thousands of pleasant little things decorating the lodging, making it nice and cozy, beautiful and stylish. Repair of apartments under the key of Kiev from the company ALL inclusive is always a pledge of pleasant prices and high quality.

But at the same time should not forget about the back side of any repair, cosmetic or capital. Any repairs, especially those that have become a popular turnkey apartment renovation, are also issues related to the organization and actual repairs. Whether or not there is a liked furniture? Stop on a laminate or better still a proven linoleum? Will we paint the walls or paste the wallpaper?

Faced with all the issues directly, even the most sophisticated person understands that repairs are not only the choice of the interiors you like on the Internet. And in order to repair the apartment with minimal expenses of nerves and financial resources, it is necessary to observe two basic rules.

The first is the elementary planning of the volume of repairs and expected results. Any employer must clearly understand what he wants to repair and what to get in the end. In this case, an important aspect is the correspondence of the result obtained to the expected, which most often depends on the rationality of the owner of the housing. So, with modest financial means or the removal of necessary furniture on the market, copying the situation of Versailles or the eastern palace is unlikely to succeed.

The second key issue is the reconciliation of desires with financial capabilities, which implies the preparation of repair estimates. Such planning involves visiting construction shops or Internet sites with the choice of the cheapest option among acceptable, measuring the areas to be repaired, calculating the cost of delivery and services on a voluntary basis.

Of course, making a copy of a penny in a penny, with the use of all available cash and without the account of force majeure, will not bring anything good. Even if you take into account the cost of all the necessary materials, the services of hired workers in carrying out all repairs or part of it, it is necessary to understand that most often even the most rational estimate may be exceeded. And therefore, planning the financial side of the repair of the apartment, take into account the possible additional costs, up to 20-30% of the original estimated amount.

In more detail, it is necessary to stop at the popular nowadays repair of a turnkey apartment. Repair of apartments under the key Kiev involves the attraction of professional construction companies and companies. It also includes the design of a future interior design, and the purchase and delivery of security materials, and the actual process of repair itself.

Immediately, it should be noted that when using the services of a construction company, it is first necessary to draw up a contract for repairs and a schedule of repairs in which the cost of all the services and materials provided and the timing of the stages of repair are specified, in order to avoid unforeseen expenses. Subsequently, in case of finding any defects or defects, the contract will help to substantiate the claims and save on troubleshooting.

With a competent approach, repairs of apartments under the key Kiev cope hardly more expensive than repairs with the involvement of individual specialists, and the cost of time and strength of the owner of the apartment is significantly smaller, which is also important, especially when the volume repairs. And, of course, at the same time, it is advisable not to save on the quality of materials, and then the new interior will please you for many years.

ALL inclusive offers comprehensive apartment repair at the best prices. Qualitatively and in time our specialists will carry out all kinds of repairs, including repair of apartments in Kiev. With many years of experience in the field of repair, we offer excellent results at reasonable prices, providing a 12 month warranty for all repairs and finishing work. For volumetric orders there is a flexible system of discounts.