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We are glad to welcome you on our website. Most likely, you decided to carry out a difficult task - to repair an apartment or office, create an atmosphere of coziness, comfort, while emphasizing your individuality. The word "repair" in many people with unsuccessful experience often causes unpleasant memories of irresponsible and unprofessional builders. As a result, expectations of the quality of the repairs done remain unsatisfied.
We want to offer you our services of high quality. Our team is specialists who love and know their business. We have many years of experience, and are able to translate your projects and ideas into reality. Our goals are to constantly strengthen our reputation, perform work at a high level, strive for improvement, translating new ideas. We are sure that the quality is achieved as a result of the correct organization of the process, the use of quality materials, knowledge and mandatory compliance with technology and consistent performance of repair work by specialists with high professional skills.

Our advantages:

- Free call of the wizard to compile an estimate.
- Flexible system of discounts, depending on the amount of work.
- Phased payment.
- Warranty 12 months.



Repair for the owner of the dwelling always has two sides. On the one hand, this is a change for the better, a renewal of the personal space and pleasant troubles on a choice of color of wallpaper or new furniture. On the other hand, there are quite a number of problems, ranging from financial costs, time and effort, and, often, nerves. Every renovation, especially the complex repair of apartments in Kiev or a private home, brings up dozens of daily issues, whose timely solution is vital for its successful completion.

And it is not surprising that with such a stress, the owner of a home, usually having a family and busy work, makes mistakes. This is natural, but often such errors can undermine all efforts, especially when it comes to improperly laid wiring or other "internal" problems, which already occur at the end of the repair. And in this case, as never before, the rule is that learning is better at someone else's mistakes, saving power and money. Especially when it comes to repairs carried out by outside masters.

So what are the most common misconceptions about the owners of housing, who started a cosmetic or complex repair of apartments in Kiev with the involvement of third-party specialists?

The first mistake is, of course, the lack of a clear planning of all stages of repair and the final result. Paradoxically it sounds, but it meets no less often than the rest, because between the liked interior in the picture and the embodiment of it in the apartment there is an abyss. And, not having planned the terms of repair, financial expenses for the materials and services of workers, it is possible to transfer the repair from the stage "I want to go" to the stage "yes let it be as it will".

The second mistake comes directly from the first error, when a person thinks he can calculate all the expenses "to a penny". In fact, the stock of funds should be 20-25% higher than the estimates. The third mistake is the desire to save on materials or services of repairers, receiving short-lived repairs together, for example, with poorly-laid tiles or curved suspended ceilings mounted by "handicrafts". Especially the latter is actual during overhaul, when the results of such works are to be "admired" for a very long time. Well, either rebuild everything again.

Moreover, even if you decided not to save and hired specialists from a trusted construction company, do not hurry to relax. Lack of control over hired workers is another mistake. When buying materials, do not hesitate to require checks (if the purchase was not yours), as well as receipts on the cost of some or other work done, so that then you can not see in the final estimate astronomical amount. Also, try to check the quality of the work more often, especially if you live in another place during the repair period (which, incidentally, is recommended below).

Of course, the owner of housing - not a specialist in all matters, but for many works quite capable of being "inspector". Especially since it is now easy to find out on the Internet how laying of a laminate should be carried out or installation of window blocks, in what sequence to carry out basic stages of repair, etc. In the relevant articles, the steps of repair and individual operations are described in detail and are provided with explanatory illustrations. And the diligence of hired workers with constant control will add a lot more.

Another mistake is the desire to make the complex repair of apartments in Kiev faster, at the expense of existing norms. To dry the plaster and putty you need one term, to apply the next layer of paint - also its term. Guess what the violation of these norms will lead to? That's why it is desirable to live separately during the repair period, so that it does not "push" on you, prompting the careless actions and hurry.

However, there is another aspect that is able to put an end to all the efforts of the masters - this is the personal preferences of the owner of the housing. Having picked up inappropriate wallpaper or inappropriate furniture for your taste, the owner of the apartment is not entitled to rely on the excitement of the guests. Unfortunately, each of us has its own preferences, and interior designer services are very inexpensive. So, in order to avoid the mistakes in this issue, it is only to be hoped for its prudence. The only thing that can be advised is not to make spontaneous purchases of liked materials that differ in appearance from the desired result, however appealing they did not look.

And in a repetition it can be said that the conclusion of a contract with a proven construction company will avoid many of these errors during repairs.

The construction company ALL inclusive has extensive experience in carrying out repair work of any complexity. Our specialists will provide you with a qualitative and timely quality repair of apartments in Kiev or in Kiev, as well as turn-key repairs. We provide a complete guarantee for all the tested work and use only the highest quality materials so that your repair pleased you for many years.