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Remco of Ukraine - The Ukrainian branch of the Remco Building Systems Group of Companies, whose parent company - Remco Ruimtebouw BV - is located in the Netherlands in the city of Best. Remco Group is part of a large international corporation Janssen de Jong Groep, with a combined annual turnover of more than € 600 million. Janssen de Jong Groep specializes in the construction of industrial and civil transport infrastructure facilities and project development in the markets of Central and Western Europe and the Caribbean.

Prefabricated buildings

Remco was founded in 1972 in the Netherlands, and for more than 35 years has been successfully designing and creating complete metal building structures based on its own concept and technology. Remco technology allows building large-span buildings, ensuring optimal use of each square meter of area. The basis of the concept of Remco is the maximum efficiency of using metal per square meter of useful area and optimizing the cost of construction with consistently high quality standards. Accordingly, the complex buildings of Remco are characterized by a high degree of functionality, low costs for erection and subsequent operation and a large useful internal area. In this case, one of the distinctive features of Remco is the variety of possible architectural solutions.
The philosophy of Remco is based on three postulates: quality is higher than quantity, business reputation is higher than super-profits, people are higher than cars. We are sure that the decisive factor for successful business is the human factor. Thus, our employees, customers and partners always have a central and privileged status in the corporate philosophy of Remco.

Transport terminals, logistics complexes, warehouses and industrial buildings, agricultural facilities, shopping centers, hypermarkets of wholesale and retail trade are just some areas of activity in which all the advantages of prefabricated Remco buildings are realized. Among our regular customers is a large number of companies with a global reputation, transnational corporations, leading enterprises in their sectors of the economy. We are pleased to invite you to join them!