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The list of our regular customers is a large number of world-class companies, transnational corporations, leading companies in their industries. And we are pleased to invite you to join them.

Guaranteed shortest terms
Modern technologies and a high culture of production allow unobstructed installation of full-size Remco buildings in the shortest possible time, without conducting welding and additional processing of materials on the construction site. The shortest construction time with consistently high quality is the main distinguishing feature of the pre-fabricated buildings of the Remco steelworks.

Unmatched European quality
Remco conducts continuous monitoring and quality control of its products. Remco metal constructions are made on a modern equipment from materials of the highest European quality from reliable suppliers.

The best materials for industrial construction
Remco's designs are made of quality steel, incredibly durable and durable material. Steel constructions of factory readiness make the process of building the building technologically and fast. The technology of Remco Building Systems provides maximum flexibility and functionality of design solutions.

Minimal weight of structures, maximal unsupervised spans
The use of advanced technology for designing large buildings with the use of a welded twin-beam variable section, allows to minimize the cost of metal per square meter of useful area, reducing the load on the foundation and, accordingly, reducing the cost of construction. Ability to reduce large spans without intermediate supports significantly increases the functionality of your building, allows you to use every square meter of its area as efficiently as possible.

Individual solutions "made by measure"
When developing an individual solution for your object, all nuances, from the logistical and operational aspects, which determine the planning of the future building, will be taken into account to the special technological equipment. The Remco concept provides you with a wide range of options and options in comparison to traditional construction technologies.

Ready-made solutions for your business
Remco combines engineering, design, production and installation of a building into a system that offers the Customer virtually unlimited opportunities in developing the concept of the future object and guarantees the best results without stress, avrals, budget overrun and breakdowns of terms typical of construction by traditional technology. .

Save on your construction and commissioning costs
The use of up-to-date European design and construction technologies from factory-made steel structures and advanced experience in managing construction projects can achieve significant cost savings at the earliest possible dates of building the highest level of reliability. Remco Building Systems is the optimal cost per square meter of useful area of ​​a modern, fast-erected building of European quality.

Reduce the return periods of your investments
The complete completeness, the maximum degree of factory readiness of the metal structures and the European quality of the pre-fabricated buildings of Remco allow you to minimize and put into operation your industrial, warehouse or commercial facility. The use of complete pre-fabricated Remco buildings in the construction of your business facilities allows you to shorten the timing of your investment return.

Favorable terms of cooperation
Remco Company not only reduces the building of European quality, but also provides the maximum financial benefits to the most demanding Customers. Due to our steady financial position, we offer our customers attractive payment terms and warranty obligations, providing maximum security and confidence.

Advantages of experience and impeccable reputation
Many years of experience and remarkable reputation of Remco enable our customers to complete the project in a timely manner with strict budget compliance. In due time, we will implement your ideas and wishes in a finished building that fully meets your requirements.