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Remco - Solving customer problems
The task of developing a concept, designing, coordinating and building a new building of industrial, commercial or warehouse assignments, as a rule, is a burden on the customer's core business processes, creating the need for attracting significant financial, organizational, human, material and time resources. Combining engineering, design, coordination, production and installation of the building into the system, Remco provides the Customer with the opportunity to solve all these problems. At the agreed time and at an agreed price, we implement your ideas and wishes in a finished building that fully meets your requirements.

Remco - Responsible and reliable partner
Once the decision to invest in construction is taken, the issue of time becomes crucial. In the shortest time, Remco provides the Customer with sketches and budget estimates of the cost of the building, then, within a few days, a detailed commercial offer. If necessary, Remco provides financial engineering and project management, assists in obtaining permission for the construction and organization of works on the construction site by the forces of qualified specialists.

Remco - Continuous quality control
In the process of project implementation, Remco monitors and controls all quality parameters. The logical result of the use of high-quality materials and components, advanced design technologies, European production culture and properly organized construction work is the maximum functionality and durability of the comprehensive, pre-fabricated buildings of Remco. The products and services of Remco meet European standards and norms ENV, DIN, international quality system ISO 9001, as well as Russian standards of quality and technical regulation.

Remco - Cost Optimization
We understand that when choosing a partner in construction, the factor of cost plays a significant role. Therefore, Remco takes advantage of its extensive network of production sites, which allows optimizing transport costs and minimizing or avoiding customs duties. This provides the attractive value of the structures used for the construction of your object, with consistently high quality products.

Remco - Process Management
Construction of an object from conceptual design and design to commissioning represents a complex process. Specialists of Remco who have successful experience in turnkey construction of thousands of buildings of different types will ensure the successful implementation of your project without unpleasant surprises, budget overrun and timing failures.

Remco - Advantage of experience
More than 35 years of successful experience in building thousands of sites across Europe has allowed Remco to accumulate unique potential that allows projects of any complexity to be realized, embodying the most daring ideas and fully meeting the needs of the Customer. The impressive referential list of Remco projects in many countries is a live proof of the effectiveness of the interaction between Remco and our certified local partner contractors.