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Modern, lightweight carcass
Lower weight of carcass metal structures.
Big unsigned spans.
Efficient use of metal, cost savings for foundation construction.
Freedom of architectural solutions with the use of standard designs.

Effective isolation
Excellent thermo-soundproofing properties.
Quick installation.
A range of insulation materials of different types, thicknesses and thermal conductivity.

Strong, durable and aesthetic protective structures
High-quality, corrosion-resistant, durable steel panels for roof and walls.
Guaranteed leakproofness.
No need for maintenance.
A wide range of finished solutions for the roof and walls.

Awesome variety of opportunities
Easy device internal partitions (walls) of any configuration.
Possibility of an extension of any size to the side and end walls.
Sheds within the roof slab or separately mounted to the side and end walls.
Possibility of the device of internal office space in two floors, mezzanine designs.
Placement of crane equipment with installation of crane beams.